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                            December 2020

Another comedy self-tape improv but this time its about how to succeed in the industry! Premiered at VOICEBOX with APL Theatre, At Swefyns Edge and Harlow Playhouse.

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                                 September 2020

Ellie completed a shoot with Designer Exchange.

                                 July 2020

Comedy self-tape improv created by Ellie in under an hour and was played on BBC Radio Essex! 


                                 May 2020

Ellie will be playing Helena in an online streamed edition of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

                                 April 2020

Ellie is running an Improv session at N2P's April Networkshop on Wednesday 29th April.


                                 April 2020

Catch Ellie in one of Extreme Improv's Xstreamed shows. Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 9pm! 

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Copyright Channel 4

                                 Feb 2020

Ellie will be appearing alongside Katherine Ryan in Joe Lycett's Got Your Back which will be airing in on Channel 4 in April 2020.


Copyright Boots

Jan 2020

Ellie is a featured model for Boots new national Boots campaign REBOOT. You can catch her in shop windows, magazines and in your Boots Newsletters!  


Jan 2020

Catch Ellie in Extreme Improv's show the last Thursday of every month at the Camden Comedy Club, 8pm!